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Elite Volleyball Academy

Sioux Empire Fitness is the new home to Jill Weisser's volleyball academy. Jill has been working with many players for over 10 years, and is now located through Sioux Empire Fitness. The Staff at Sioux Empire has made a huge difference in many players already, and the level of play is awesome! Players can't believe how much they have improved and how much confidence they now have! Parents who want their daughters to play at the college level now believe their daughter can play and achieve scholarships. Come see first hand what your volleyball game is missing through Sioux Empire Fitness Elite Volleyball Academy.

Private Volleyball Sessions

This time is spent working on technique, form and strategy. For middle school athletes we work on all skills: passing, serving, hitting, setting, blocking and defense. This is the opportunity to work on more advanced skills as well as get them to a better edge from other players. For high school athletes we work primarily on specialty skills to further their high school and or post high school career.

Private Sessions should not be used as a crutch. Players need to play with others to watch, learn and compete with each other. Private Sessions are used to increase skills and make sure bad habits are not formed.

All Skills Volleyball Training

Skills Training is used to do a lot of drilling, game like situations and working on specific skills to keep things very fast paced. On average players are able to get more contact in a skills session because there is recovery time and more chances for partner training. Many things that are covered in the private sessions will be covered during clinics, but individual training will not be as thorough. During clinic sessions everyone will be involved and everyone is learning the same techniques with 95% involvement in all drills/games (at time players need to shag, water break or recover from drill).

Volleyball Specialization Training Session

Specialization training is for players who know what their positions are. Ex. Setter, hitter, defender. During a specialization session players will work on only that skill and more advanced skills. There will be hour training where groups will only be with their group, and for the other hour players will be together with another group to work on "live" skills.

Specialization training is for work on advanced skills. Basic skill training will be done in the skills training sessions.

"Anyone can pass a ball fairly well if it is tossed right to you, but what happens during a game? You freak out because you have no idea what to do!" Jill Weisser

VERT Training Program

Sioux Empire Fitness has developed a very good Vertical Training program for Volleyball players. This program has been developed to increase your vertical, gain speed, increase your power by training with us! Our program is specifically for volleyball players, and will give you an edge to your competition!

Summer Volleyball Leagues

Join the Sioux Falls Competition where you can play in the sand with our 4's league or our indoor 6's league. Leagues are for middle school and high school levels, and teams will be put into a division with their level of play.

For more information on dates and times please download the brochure which is located in this section. Please call 361-0445 for more information and ask for Jill.

Sioux Empire Fitness | 4600 Tennis Lane | Sioux Falls, SD 57106 | (605) 361-0445
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